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Looking for the Best Parkinson's Disease Treatment? Visit the Best Neurologist in Noida, Greater Noida

Over 8.5 million people worldwide are estimated to have Parkinson's disease (PD) as of 2019. This is a global prevalence that has doubled in the previous 25 years. More people are becoming disabled and dying from PD than from any other neurological condition. 

According to current estimates, PD caused 329,000 deaths in 2019, an upward push of over 100%, and 5.8 million disability-adjusted existence years, a boom of eighty-one percent considering the fact that from 2000.

Parkinson's disease is a brain-related degenerative condition. The symptoms of this illness are caused by a disorder that gradually kills brain nerve cells. After Alzheimer's, it is the second most prevalent neurodegenerative condition. PD is a progressive disease, so it’s important to catch it early and start treatment right away.

It’s also important to understand your symptoms and bring them to the attention of your doctor, so you can get the Parkinson’s disease treatment possible by Best Neurologist Near Your Location. 

We have the Best Neurologist in Noida, Greater Noida Location, Dr. Khursheed Kazmi. He keeps you informed on new research and gives you access to material removal therapies. He is an expert in many neurological diseases such as headaches, Parkinson's, Epilepsy, and many more with 10 years of experience. He provides you with the Best Parkinson's treatment.

Symptoms of PD

PD usually begins gradually and worsens over time. Early symptoms are often mild and may go unnoticed. Common early PD symptoms include: 

  • Tremors shaking 

  • Rigidity stiffness 

  • Slowness of movement

  • Speech Difficulty 

  • Difficulty in walking with balance and coordination 

  • Depression and anxiety

  • loss of interest in activities  

  • Memory problems 

  • feelings of worthlessness

  • Having Trouble in Sleeping

It's important to schedule an immediate appointment with a physician in case you or your loved ones have any of those signs. The earlier PD is diagnosed, the more likely it can be treated.  

Fortunately, many treatment options are available to slow or stop the progression of Parkinson’s disease if you visit one of the best neurologists in Noida, Greater Noida today! 

Treatments To Cure Parkinson`s Disease

Though there is not currently a cure for Parkinson's disease, treatments are available that can help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

Treatments are provided in three steps namely: Medicines, Surgery, and Therapies.

  • Physical, occupational, and speech treatments may be used to treat tremors, rigidity, and a loss in mental abilities as well as gait and voice abnormalities.

  • A balanced diet promotes overall health

  • Exercises to build muscle and enhance coordination, flexibility, and balance

  • Massage treatment for tension reduction

  • To develop flexibility and stretching, try yoga and tai chi.

Get help from the best neurologist in Noida, Greater Noida